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19 Mar

Cubes, character and a lot of jumping. Great work from Mike Bithell.


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Mass Effect for the Unusual Gamer

14 Mar

This post will be reviewing the series Mass Effect. It will be relatively spoiler free, promise. One of the main points to stress here about this game is how malleable you can make Shepard, the protagonist of the series and who you will be playing and making entirely your own.

You can choose from male or female Shepard, how they look, what status they are (Soldier, Infiltrator, Engineer, Adept and Vanguard, and who they attract which brings me to my next point, who you want them to romance.

Mass Effect, while not the first to do this, is one of the most advanced games when it comes to LGBT representation. I say this, because you can play as a male Shepard and romance male/female characters, like fellow team members Ashley Williams and Kaidan Alenko*, and as a female Shepard? Female Shepard can do exactly the same.

*Can be romanced for Male Shepard in later series, after a little bit of research.

We call this progressive for the reason that its not giving you a solid structure of what your character should be and what is expected of you as a player to conform to. Personally, I play as a male Shepard who will /eventually/ romance Kaidan, has some luck with an asari consort on the Citadel (look out for the Titanic-esque ‘hand on the window’ scene with her) and as a Renegade with a good heart.

Main objective of this game is to track and bring down a rogue Turian and Spectre, Saren (not Saran, like the cling film), a rebel with a cause of unleashing death and destruction to humanity.

He sucks, by the way.

One of my tips to play this game is to listen to Admiral Hackett when the Alliance calls. Visit different worlds and hunt for materials and turian insignias from crashed probes.

Get used to using the Mako before heading to Noveria cause it can be difficult to manouver without prior experience.

Another reason why I love this game is that you can import your Shepard and the game save into the second and third of the series, the story is completely tailored to the way that you play it.

I also love taking fellow team member Liara T’Soni to Noveria to meet Matriarch Benezia. The script changes slightly as they have a history.  I recommend it, totally worth it.

Of the series, my favourite game is Mass Effect 2. Big improvement on the graphics without the glossy film effect that’s gaining popularity at the moment. Just be careful for two of the buttons changing. (L1 and R1 now change weapons and access powers instead of L2 and R2, which on ME2 enables you to fire your weapon.)

4 Stars.

Films we think everyone should watch – Jena

24 Feb

I, Jena will start with the films I believe everyone should watch and Danni will then take over for the second part of the post. Just to give you a taste here are some of the film posters for some of the films mentioned.

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WWE 2K14

17 Feb

Hello there once again, today I shall be looking at the game WWE 2K14. This game I received as a Christmas present from my younger sister although I have not tried out all the game modes yet so I might end up adding some more information in the future.

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Quick Update

12 Feb

In the next week or so Danni and myself will tryout a little ‘game’ of reviewing films in a twitter status (140 characters). If you have any that tweet them at us (@Quickritics) and we will either retweet them or copy them as a tweet and mention you in it.

Danni is working on a Mass Effect article at the moment so expect that soon along with a article on WWE 2K14 tomorrow from myself.

If you want to get in contact with us then email us at, tweet us at @quickritics or find us on Facebook under Quickritics

Many thanks,


Storage Hunters

6 Feb

Hello there once again, today I will be talking to you about an American ‘reality’ show Storage Hunters.

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Happy 2014 Everybody!

3 Feb

Firstly I apologise for being away for so long it has been a busy few months. I am just here to say that the blog is now back and hopefully there will be lots of new posts for you to read in the next few days.

Below is a list of some of the things that I will be looking at in the next few weeks:

  • House of Cards
  • Diablo 3
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
  • Minecraft (PS3 Edition)
  • American Beauty
  • The Heist
  • Despicable Me
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Plus much, much more.

Hope to hear from you all really soon,


P.S – I hope this photograph I took can make up for my lack of absence over the last few months.

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